Untitled Guest on 17th April 2022 05:19:55 AM
  1. Hello friends
  2. I am Ukrainian, at the moment I am in Mariupol.
  3. Russian military destroyed my home. If you can, please help
  5. Bitcoin: 1KxFQjpNeaS8reWufu9DCZMWAc8EJDKeEw
  6. Litecoin: LVQnzNfMP6J4mWW1z77ogbAmvVz6EKoHvp
  7. Doge: DQ6Lwzm1wzLRPehWQV8mkKX73jrXbAntji
  8. Ethereum: 0x4a2901fe589c0077c59f9966d716b14689b28e72

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